• 1. I’m a local cable operator and how is your software works for me?

    Ans: by using our software you can get the following benefits

    • Real time collection updates from field
    • Area wise collections
    • To be collected amount versus invoice generated amount
    • Expenses management
    • SMS broadcast to group or segment of customers

  • 2. Do i need to invest in servers to avail your services?

    Ans: there is no server requirement at your place.
    These services are offered as software as service model (SaaS)

  • 3. What is the hardware expected at my premises to avail services of yours?

    Ans: Smart Phones

  • 4. Do i need to invest in virtual licenses to avail your services?

    Ans: No ,it comes with unlimited logins

  • 5. Is my data safe in the cloud?

    Ans: yes, we have availed services from world leading cloud service provider and ensured all security controls are put in place

  • 6. Can i avail payment gateway integration services from you?

    Ans: Yes, with in one day we can integrate to India’s one of the leading payment gateway service provider

  • 7. I am Multi Service Operator (MSO) and how is your software work for me?

    Ans: you can avail SaaS based model for the following services

    • Complaint management from your LCO
    • Inventory management for your operations
    • Service module for your STB tracking
    • e KYC for all your subscribers
    • Cash collection management
    • Payment gateway integration for our LCO’s
    • Technician tracking against complaint number
    • Inventory utilization against complaint number

  • 8. I own a school, can i avail your SaaS based model for my school operations?

    Ans: Yes, no need to have any servers in your premise and you can confidently avail SaaS based model for your school operations

  • 9. I run multiple sports grounds and wanted to use software for slot booking?

    Ans: You can avail our facility booking module for your needs as SaaS based model

  • 10. Can I get mobile app as part of services?

    Ans: Yes, based on the case to case basis. Please…contact our sales team on: support@digitalrupay.com

  • 11. I have some requirement for my some sales force activities, can i expect some solution from you ?

    Ans: We will be privileged to assist you with our innovative solutions

  • 12. I own an appliance service company and how your software helps to my industry?

    Ans: You can track, warranty details, you can map spares with respect to complaints and you can generate auto invoice from the field itself based on the service engineer inputs

  • 13. Do i need to invest in virtual licenses to avail your services?

    Ans: No ,it comes with unlimited logins